BLD is a growth-oriented company and is built for growth. We have been investing in people and corporate infrastructure since the founding of the company.

Six pillars of our corporate strategy set us apart:

  1. Operations Excellence – We take pride in proven operations excellence through performance driven results
  2. Best-In-Class Corporate Infrastructure – Our infrastructure is designed for growth. We are continually working diligently to build a “best-in-class” organizational structure and infrastructure to handle rapid growth
  3. Business Innovation &Technology (BIT) – We believe that technology is one of the main drivers in operating any successful business. We maintain our own in-house application development team that has created our sophisticated enterprise application called BIT or Business Innovation and Technology
  4. Ability to operate in geographically diverse regions – #1-3 above gives BLD a unique capability to operate successfully in diverse regions from centralized HQ in Orange, CA. BLD is structured to be able to operate anywhere in the nation
  5. M&A Capabilities – We believe that organizations must grow to survive. We have a dedicated team focused on sourcing and structuring M&A transactions. In addition, our corporate team fully understands what is required in successful post acquisition integration
  6. Access to Capital – Through our extensive relationship with equity sponsors as well as numerous senior lenders, we match our operational excellence and growth ambition with available equity and debt to execute our strategy