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What is BLD?

BLD Brands is a diversified franchise and restaurant investment and operations company. Mr. Doug Pak is the founder and CEO who started the company in late 2005 and built it from the ground up with no money in his pocket. BLD Brands currently owns and operates 135 restaurants located in 10 states and is headquartered in Newport Beach, CA. We take pride in working hard to create a special company together. Our journey has been one of building a company with a great long-term vision, awesome culture, strong performance, and high growth. Whether you are working for our Papa John’s franchise business, Hardee’s franchise business, Spaghetti Warehouse brand, or RSC (Restaurant Support Center) in CA, you are all an integral part of BLD Brands. 

Really awesome people.

Helping brands by building community

Understanding why profit is important

It's happy people that creates great, sustainable success. We're not perfect yet, but with your help we can get there.

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Select your location or click above to apply

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Our vision is simple

Ultimately, it is about building a great company that is respected and admired – one that matters and inspires. In order to reach this goal, we need to build a culture of compassion, caring, and hospitality - people who relate to each other in a respectful way. But we do this by driving results and making great money as well. 

"Persistence is the key to success...never give up."

Happy people

Assembling the right team is the most important asset when looking to change lives and create success.

"We're building lives and dreams, one team member at a time."

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