Michael Kim holds the position of President for Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurants and maintains the responsibilities of managing daily operations as well as business developmental requirements for the company.

Michael joined BLD Brands in 2007 as Vice President of Business Development where he headed the Acquisition and Integration team involved the purchases of Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurants, a Papa John’s market in Las Vegas and a Papa John’s market in North Carolina. After a short stint working with Stir Crazy Asian Grill Restaurants on behalf of the company, he took on his role with Spaghetti Warehouse which includes overseeing over $25 million in annual revenues, more than 1,000 employees, 10 restaurants in four different states.

Outside of his time with BLD Brands, Michael successfully built and sold a textile restoration/dry cleaning business located in Nashville, TN. Within a period of 3 years, he was able to create a company worth 2 million dollars and being named in the top 3 largest dry cleaning businesses in the state of Tennessee.

Prior to his time with the BLD company, Michael also held senior management positions at MCI/WorldCom, Intuit and Halliburton.

Michael is a graduate of the University of Texas and has over 20 years of management experience. He has a solid track record in sales/development growth and operational excellence. His ‘team-first’ style of management has proven to be successful in all facets of organization improvement and personnel development. Michael resides in Frisco, TX with his daughter and wife.